First Health Network: Everything You Need To Know

First Health Network: Everything You Need To Know

You’ve likely heard of the First Health Network, a leading PPO network in the US, but do you really know what it offers? With a colossal network of professionals and facilities, it’s more than just a name – it’s a pathway to quality healthcare at discounted rates. With the likes of IMG and Trawick International as partners, it’s got a solid reputation. But, there’s more to the story. It’s time to get a deeper look at the First Health Network, how it functions, and why it might be the smart choice for your healthcare needs.

Understanding the First Health Network

The First Health Network is a comprehensive system that includes over a million providers, offering a wide variety of doctors and facilities. It’s one of the largest Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) networks in the United States and forms a crucial part of many health insurance plans.

Companies such as IMG, Trawick International, and Petersen International Underwriters utilize this network in their offerings, thus providing a broad spectrum of coverage options. Owned by Aetna, and once a part of Coventry Health Care, the reach of First Health Network is extensive.

It’s noted for its quality of care and is a viable option for visitors to the U.S. looking for healthcare services. Its breadth of healthcare providers ensures that individuals can find a provider that meets their specific needs.

Structure of First Health’s Healthcare System

First Health’s healthcare system is a comprehensive structure that encompasses more than 5,300 hospitals, over 55,000 ancillary facilities, and upwards of 982,000 professional providers nationwide. As a member, you gain access to reputable facilities such as Johns Hopkins and UCLA Medical Center, which are part of the First Health network.

The entire network is NCQA-accredited, which helps ensure the provision of consistent, quality care. Members can also expect to see savings on common medical services, with average discounts typically falling between 32-52%.

It’s noteworthy that the majority of hospitals and physicians remain in the network from year to year, which can contribute to a sense of continuity and dependability. In the First Health network, you’re part of a broad healthcare system and a community that prioritizes health and wellness.

Accessing First Health’s Provider Online Search

The First Health Network offers a useful tool known as the Provider Online Search. This tool provides access to a broad national network across the United States, which comprises 5,100 hospitals and 110,000 ancillaries.

The tool can be accessed via www.firsthealthlbp.com or through their Customer Service. It’s important to verify in-network participation prior to scheduling appointments. The potential discounts on services may vary between 32-52%.

This is due to a significant number of hospitals and physicians maintaining their network participation annually. By using this tool, you can make informed healthcare decisions by efficiently locating network providers.

The Role of First Health in Aetna

In 2013, Aetna, Inc. acquired First Health, a move that expanded its network capabilities and modified the available coverage options. This acquisition not only increased the network of providers under Aetna but also had various implications.

Here are the effects of this acquisition:

  1. The acquisition aimed to enhance accessibility to quality healthcare providers, with the objective to facilitate timely care for members.

  2. First Health, as a subsidiary of Aetna, amplified its resources and geographical presence, aiming to provide more versatile options and improved service.

  3. The collaboration between Aetna and First Health sought to enhance healthcare services for members, underlining a commitment to their health and well-being.

  4. The acquisition of First Health by Aetna also served to fortify its standing as a reliable PPO network, aiming to provide members with confidence in their healthcare decisions.

Evaluating First Health’s Insurance Coverage

In assessing First Health’s insurance coverage, it becomes evident that they’ve a substantial network of over 1 million providers. This network is inclusive of more than 5,300 hospitals, 55,000 ancillary facilities, and approximately 982,000 professional providers nationwide. This implies a wide range of coverage options for potential policyholders.

The network has received NCQA accreditation and claims an average savings of 32-52% on frequently used medical services. To locate participating providers, users can utilize their updated Provider Online Search tool. However, it’s always recommended to verify a provider’s participation in the network prior to scheduling appointments, given that their data is from December 2017 and may have changed.

Verifying the Legitimacy of First Health

First Health is recognized as one of the largest Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks in the U.S., making it a significant player in the health insurance market.

To ascertain the credibility of First Health, consider the following:

  1. Investigate its standing as one of the largest PPO networks in the U.S, supported by its network of over 1 million participating providers.

  2. Review its track record as a reliable provider of insurance coverage.

  3. Evaluate its dedication to providing a wide range of healthcare options and facilitating access to reputable providers.

  4. Double-check the participation of your provider in the First Health network before scheduling appointments to guarantee coverage.

This information should provide a solid basis for understanding the legitimacy of First Health.

The Extent of First Health’s PPO Network

First Health’s PPO network comprises over 1 million providers across the nation, offering a broad array of doctors and facilities. The network is recognized for its ability to provide quality care at a reasonable cost, balancing affordability and quality.

The comprehensive nature of this network allows for a variety of coverage options, accommodating a diverse range of medical requirements. It’s structured to provide a wide array of choices while ensuring access to significant healthcare services.

With First Health’s PPO network, you’re selecting more than a health plan; you’re selecting a partner dedicated to your health. The magnitude, quality of care, and inclusivity of this network contribute to its reliability for your healthcare needs.

Companies Offering First Health PPO Plans

Companies such as IMG, Trawick International, and Petersen International Underwriters offer health insurance plans that utilize the First Health PPO Network. Through their association with First Health, these companies provide access to a wide range of services.

The benefits of these plans include:

  1. Access to a large network of over 1 million providers in the First Health PPO Network.
  2. Reasonable pricing due to First Health’s extensive partnerships.
  3. The ability to select from a range of doctors and medical facilities.
  4. Assurance of coverage from well-established insurance providers.

Selecting insurance plans that use the First Health PPO Network ensures access to a comprehensive network of healthcare professionals, offering various options for healthcare needs.

Essential Facts About First Health

First Health is a prominent PPO network in the U.S., encompassing over 1 million providers. It’s a significant entity in the healthcare sector, being owned by Aetna, Inc., and formerly a part of Coventry Health Care, Inc.

First Health is often suggested for individuals visiting the U.S. due to its reputation for providing high-quality care. The network also collaborates with well-known insurance firms such as IMG, Trawick International, and Petersen International Underwriters, offering comprehensive coverage. Therefore, First Health is a reliable option for those seeking healthcare services.

This network is built upon the principles of quality, trust, and a commitment to maintaining the health of its members.

Choosing First Health for International Travel

For international travelers, opting for the First Health PPO Network could be a practical decision. The network comprises over a million premium healthcare providers, ensuring access to quality healthcare services across the U.S.

Here are some reasons to consider First Health:

  1. Extensive network: The network comprises over a million providers, increasing the likelihood of finding a healthcare service that aligns with your needs.

  2. Reputable partnerships: First Health is partnered with companies such as IMG, Trawick International, and Petersen International Underwriters, which offer plans featuring First Health’s coverage.

  3. Variety of healthcare options: First Health offers a range of healthcare services, which can contribute to a sense of security during travel.

  4. Popular choice: A significant number of international travelers decide to use First Health due to its comprehensive coverage.


So, you’ve got the scoop on the First Health Network. It’s a vast PPO network owned by Aetna, offering quality care and significant discounts.

You’ll find it easy to locate providers with their user-friendly online tool.

Whether you’re considering their insurance coverage or planning international travel, First Health is a reliable choice.

Keep in mind, knowledge is power when it comes to healthcare decisions. Make sure First Health fits your needs before jumping in.