What Is Aetna Better Health

What Is Aetna Better Health

Ever heard of Aetna Better Health? It’s a Medicaid plan backed by over three decades of experience under the CVS Health umbrella. They’re all about quality healthcare, offering comprehensive solutions for those reliant on Medicaid, with programs spanning from CHIP to services for the elderly, blind, disabled, and those needing long-term care. Aetna’s dedication to accessible, top-notch healthcare is designed to enhance health outcomes and empower people to take control of their health. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Want to know more about how Aetna Better Health could potentially improve your life?

Understanding Aetna Better Health

Aetna Better Health is a Medicaid plan with over three decades of experience in serving recipients. It’s a subsidiary of CVS Health, with a primary focus on delivering quality health care services to Medicaid members. The organization offers numerous programs, amongst them the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and services for the elderly, blind, and disabled. In addition, it provides long-term services.

Aetna Better Health also incorporates an element of convenience into its services. For instance, they’ve developed an app to facilitate Medicaid members in locating and switching providers, reviewing medical and prescription claims, and accessing details about current medications and benefits.

An important aspect of Aetna Better Health’s mission is to uphold corporate and social responsibilities while providing healthcare services to its members. Therefore, it has been designed as a comprehensive health care solution catering specifically to the needs of Medicaid members. This setup allows for the delivery of well-rounded health services without unnecessary embellishment or exaggeration.

The History of Aetna Better Health

Examining the history of Aetna Better Health reveals a consistent service to Medicaid recipients for over three decades. As a part of the CVS Health family, Aetna Better Health has steadily provided programs such as CHIP, and care for the aged, blind, and disabled. Their primary aim has been to offer quality healthcare services to Medicaid beneficiaries.

Alongside health services, Aetna Better Health also incorporates corporate and social responsibilities into their healthcare initiatives. This strategy has contributed to their long-standing presence in the health sector. Their role hasn’t been limited to service providers, but also includes efforts to improve health outcomes for those most in need.

The company’s history reflects a commitment to quality, sustainability, and the improvement of health conditions for all.

Aetna Better Health’s Healthcare Services

Aetna Better Health, a provider of healthcare services for over three decades, offers Medicaid services designed to meet a range of needs, including care for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and long-term services.

As a member of the CVS Health family, Aetna Better Health provides extensive coverage for healthcare needs.

Additionally, the Aetna Better Health app allows users to manage their medical and prescription needs effectively.

The company operates with a strong commitment to corporate and social responsibilities, prioritizing the delivery of quality healthcare services.

Aetna Better Health consistently aims to improve the healthcare services they provide.

Different Health Insurance Plans Available

Aetna Better Health, a part of the CVS Health family, offers a variety of health insurance plans. Their offerings range from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to care for the aged, blind, and disabled, as well as long-term services.

For Medicaid recipients, Aetna Better Health has been a reliable provider for over three decades. As part of their service, they provide access to a vast network of healthcare providers and resources. They focus on comprehensive and accessible healthcare services, upholding their commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

Emphasizing health equity, they strive to deliver quality healthcare to all their members.

Benefits of Choosing Aetna Better Health

Aetna Better Health, with its 30 years of experience in Medicaid services, offers a range of comprehensive healthcare programs. These include plans such as CHIP and services specifically designed for the aged, blind, and disabled.

As a part of the CVS Health family, Aetna provides extensive healthcare coverage. The Aetna Better Health app is a convenient tool for managing medical and prescription needs.

Aetna is also committed to corporate and social responsibilities, striving to enhance community well-being. Therefore, by choosing Aetna, you’re supporting a company that values a healthier society.

Aetna’s Approach to Behavioral Health

Aetna Better Health offers a comprehensive range of services, with a substantial focus on behavioral health for Medicaid recipients. They provide resources specifically for mental health, with support aimed at enhancing mental well-being and addressing mental health conditions. Aetna has been providing services to Medicaid recipients for over three decades, offering programs for various demographics, such as the aged, blind, disabled, and those needing long-term assistance.

Aetna’s healthcare vision extends beyond physical health to include mental health, aiming to promote overall welfare. As part of their corporate and social responsibilities, Aetna consistently works towards improving mental health services for Medicaid beneficiaries.

In the Aetna community, each member’s mental health is given due consideration.

Navigating Aetna’s Health Support Resources

Aetna’s Health Support Resources can be accessed through their Better Health app. This app serves as a tool for managing medical claims, locating providers, and monitoring current medications and benefits.

If you’re a Medicaid member, you can take advantage of the app’s regular updates. The latest version includes new features such as the VA Editable Form. However, some users have reported issues with logging in.

Aetna Better Health has been a provider of Medicaid services for over three decades, illustrating their ongoing commitment to Medicaid recipients. Being a part of the CVS Health family, their focus lies in delivering comprehensive healthcare solutions. This ensures consistent support throughout your healthcare journey.

Exploring Dental Coverage Options

Aetna Better Health’s Medicaid plans encompass dental coverage in addition to its general healthcare options. The dental coverage can potentially include a range of services such as cleanings, fillings, extractions, and X-rays.

Users have the opportunity to access a network of dentists to address their dental care requirements. The objective is to support overall oral health, aligning it with general bodily health.

For a detailed understanding of the covered dental services and providers, it’s advised to refer to the plan’s benefit documents. Aetna Better Health aims to simplify the management of oral health by providing a broad spectrum of choices for dental care.

Aetna’s Commitment to Quality Care

Aetna Better Health has been providing Medicaid services for over three decades. Their consistent commitment to improving healthcare outcomes is evident in their efforts to create a better experience for their members.

They offer a variety of programs aimed at meeting a wide range of needs, such as CHIP, care for the elderly, blind, disabled, and long-term services. Their primary goal is to deliver comprehensive and easily accessible healthcare solutions to support overall well-being.

Aetna Better Health’s approach to healthcare includes offering custom Medicaid programs and services. They view their members as individuals who are part of a larger community, and they aim to foster this community through the provision of quality care.

How to Access Aetna’s Services

Aetna Better Health’s services can be accessed via its interactive app. This application is designed with various features to assist you in navigating your healthcare needs.

The key features include:

  • The ability to find and change healthcare providers within the network.

  • Access to a detailed record of your medical and prescription claims.

  • An updated list of your prescribed medications.

  • A clear overview of your healthcare benefits, outlining what’s covered and the costs associated.

  • Information pertaining to Aetna’s corporate and social responsibilities, which provides an understanding of their dedication to improving healthcare access and outcomes.

The app provides immediate access to vital information, thereby aiding you in making informed healthcare decisions.


So, you see, Aetna Better Health is more than just an insurance plan. It’s a commitment to quality, accessible care for Medicaid recipients.

From a variety of health insurance plans to dental coverage options and health support resources, Aetna is your partner in health management.

And with their dedication to corporate and social responsibilities, you can trust Aetna to always have your best health interests at heart.

Experience the Aetna difference today.