What Is Atrius Health

What Is Atrius Health

You’ve probably heard about Atrius Health, but do you know what sets it apart? It’s a non-profit healthcare organization based in eastern Massachusetts, renowned for its team-based, patient-centered approach. They offer a broad spectrum of services, from primary and specialty care to pharmacy and physical therapy. They’re also pioneers in telemedicine, ensuring uninterrupted healthcare access even during the most challenging times. But there’s much more to Atrius Health that you might want to explore.

Understanding Atrius Health

Atrius Health is a non-profit medical group that provides healthcare services to approximately 690,000 patients throughout 30 locations in eastern Massachusetts. The organization consists of a workforce of 645 physicians and 420 clinicians who are devoted to delivering patient-centered and coordinated healthcare.

The key emphasis of Atrius Health is on cost-effective, team-based care that’s focused not only on acute ailments, but also on wellness, prevention, and managing chronic complex medical conditions. The organization is committed to maintaining and improving quality standards through continuous enhancement.

Atrius Health, in addition to being a primary care provider, also contributes significantly to the community by aiming to transform healthcare and improve lives. This is indicative of their commitment to patient wellbeing and their intent to bring about positive changes in the healthcare system.

Atrius Health’s Core Services

Atrius Health provides a broad array of services that span various fields of medical care. These include primary and specialty care, as well as comprehensive services such as lab work, imaging, pharmacy services, and physical therapy. The organization operates with a patient-centered, team-based approach, emphasizing wellness and prevention. It also manages acute illnesses and the chronic complex medical needs of over 690,000 patients across eastern Massachusetts.

Their strategic approach to healthcare encompasses population health management, a tactic aimed at preventing unnecessary hospital visits. This method extends their services beyond the traditional medical setting. Atrius Health also delivers home-based care and after-hours services, ensuring continuity of care for patients.

Furthermore, Atrius Health has incorporated telemedicine into its service offerings. This includes virtual care options such as video visits and e-consultations, thereby modernizing its approach to healthcare delivery.

As a result, Atrius Health offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services designed to meet a variety of patient needs.

Benefits of Choosing Atrius Health

Opting for Atrius Health presents various practical advantages, which consist of access to an extensive array of services. These range from primary and specialty care to laboratory services, imaging, and physical therapy.

By choosing Atrius Health, you can expect:

  • A patient-centric, team-based approach to healthcare, which promotes quality of care and shared decision-making processes.
  • The provision of connected care services, such as virtual care and home-based care, offering convenience and adaptability to patients.
  • An emphasis on population health, ensuring a focus on wellness and preventive measures.
  • After-hours telecommunication services, aimed at reducing unnecessary hospital visits.

Atrius Health’s services are tailored to accommodate individual needs, aiming to offer an integrated approach to health management. This isn’t simply healthcare provision, but rather a collaboration aimed at enhancing overall wellbeing.

Atrius Health’s Response to COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Atrius Health adapted its services to accommodate the changing needs of patients. They incorporated telehealth capabilities into their healthcare delivery system to continue providing care remotely.

To screen patients in a safe manner, Atrius Health established COVID-19 testing sites and implemented clear diagnosis protocols. In a collaborative approach with local health departments, Atrius Health helped coordinate care for COVID-19 patients, ensuring they received necessary support.

To mitigate the spread of the virus within their facilities, they implemented stringent infection control measures for staff protection. Additionally, Atrius Health supported public health initiatives, including vaccination campaigns, acknowledging their importance in combating COVID-19.

Throughout these challenges, Atrius Health maintained its commitment to delivering quality care while prioritizing patient safety.

Atrius Health’s Mission and Vision

Atrius Health operates with a mission to deliver comprehensive and empathetic care to all its patients. The organization’s vision extends beyond mere care provision; it seeks to revolutionize the healthcare industry with an overarching goal of enhancing lives.

The foundation of their operations rests on core principles:

  • Patient-focused care: Patients are the central focus of their services.
  • Quality and empathy: They’re committed to providing superior care, underscored by empathy and understanding.
  • Innovation: They’re dedicated to effecting positive change in the healthcare sector.
  • Excellence: Their operations are driven by the pursuit of optimal results.

Serving over 690,000 patients in eastern Massachusetts, Atrius Health consistently aims to embody excellence, empathy, and innovation in their provision of healthcare services.

The mission and vision of Atrius Health serve as a roadmap guiding the provision of improved, patient-focused care.

Leadership and Governance at Atrius Health

Steven Strongwater holds the position of president and CEO at Atrius Health, steering the organization’s direction strategically. Together with other key executives, his leadership has played a significant role in shaping Atrius Health into a robust healthcare organization.

One such executive is Joe Kimura, an internist, who as the chief medical officer ensures the quality of care across all operations remains high.

The organization’s growth trajectory has been consistent and intentional since its inception in 2004. Atrius Health was formed as a result of the merger between Dedham Medical Associates and Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, leading to an expansion of its services and reach.

Further expansion was marked by the inclusion of Granite Medical Group in 2005 and the purchase of VNA Care Network & Hospice in 2017, demonstrating the focused strategy of its leadership team.

Career Opportunities at Atrius Health

Atrius Health, located throughout Massachusetts, provides a range of career opportunities in healthcare. These encompass areas like primary care, specialty care, behavioral health, urgent care, and women’s health, catering to professionals at different stages of their career.

Some reasons to consider Atrius Health as a prospective employer include:

  • Their emphasis on teamwork and innovation, which contributes to a collaborative work environment.

  • Atrius Health’s commitment to providing comprehensive benefits and maintaining a balance between work and personal life.

  • Numerous professional development opportunities are provided, which can contribute to career growth.

  • The possibility to positively affect the community through direct healthcare services.

Working at Atrius Health can provide not just employment, but also a meaningful career with opportunities for advancement and community impact.


In a nutshell, Atrius Health is committed to providing top-notch, cost-effective, team-based care to their patients.

They offer a wide range of services, from primary care to physical therapy.

Their adaptability is evident in their quick pivot to telemedicine during COVID-19.

With a focus on wellness and prevention, Atrius Health is a great choice if you’re seeking high-quality care.

Plus, they offer promising career opportunities in a supportive, patient-centered environment.