What Is Cone Health

What Is Cone Health

You’ve likely heard of Cone Health, a comprehensive healthcare network that offers a plethora of services across multiple locations. But do you truly understand the depth of their impact on community health, or the extent of their commitment to innovation and patient care? With over 700 medical professionals on board, there’s a lot more to Cone Health than meets the eye. Let’s consider the bigger picture together, shall we?

Understanding Cone Health Services

Cone Health offers a broad array of specialized services including heart and vascular care, as well as advanced imaging. These services are available across over 150 locations in six counties. Noteworthy facilities within this network include the Cone Health MedCenter and Moses Cone Hospital.

At the center of this network is the Cone Health Medical Group, which comprises over 700 medical professionals offering primary and specialty services. These services range from routine check-ups to specialized care.

Alamance Regional Medical Center, for instance, provides cardiology services, while the Behavioral Health Hospital offers crisis counseling. Thus, Cone Health aims to provide comprehensive healthcare within the communities it serves.

Cone Health’s Community Impact

Cone Health has had a significant impact on the community in various ways. One of its notable actions involves acknowledging historical injustices, with the organization making a public apology for past discrimination.

In terms of healthcare services, Cone Health has made strategic moves to enhance the quality and reach of its services. It has consolidated services by closing the Women’s Hospital and moving all services to the Women’s & Children’s Center at Moses Cone Hospital. This was a decision aimed at improving efficiency and service delivery.

Additionally, Cone Health has expanded its presence with the establishment of the MedCenter for Women in Greensboro and MedCenter Greensboro at Drawbridge Parkway. This expansion has increased access to healthcare services in the region.

In a bid to improve patient care and reduce costs, Cone Health has also expanded as a Medicare accountable care organization through the Triad HealthCare Network, which was established in 2010.

Cone Health’s various facilities and services continue to contribute towards comprehensive healthcare services in the Greensboro community, illustrating the organization’s ongoing commitment to the community’s health needs.

The Evolution of Cone Health

Cone Health, originally established as the Moses Cone Health System, has seen substantial development since its inception. This includes a rebranding in 2011 and an expansion to more than 150 locations, such as hospitals, ambulatory care centers, and physician practices.

The organization continued to grow with the addition of the Alamance Regional Medical Center in 2013, which further extended its service offerings and geographical reach. Cone Health now operates several urgent care centers and outpatient surgery centers, reflecting its commitment to providing accessible healthcare options.

Central to this development has been a consistent focus on promoting community health. Through its varied services and facilities, Cone Health aims to fulfill and surpass the healthcare requirements of its communities, demonstrating its evolution from the Moses Cone Health System to the comprehensive health network it operates as today.

Awards and Recognition of Cone Health

Cone Health has received a number of awards and recognitions over time, underscoring its focus on quality care. It has been listed among the top health systems in the country by IBM Watson Health for five years in a row.

Cone Health’s Moses Cone Hospital, which holds a Magnet designation, is known for its high standards in nursing. Similarly, the Alamance Regional Medical Center has been recognized for patient safety with the Women’s Choice Award.

The Cone Health Cancer Center, bearing accreditation from the Commission on Cancer, is noted for its quality cancer treatment. Moreover, Cone Health facilities have been acknowledged for their attention to LGBTQ+ healthcare equality by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

These recognitions provide a testament to Cone Health’s commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare.

The Future Prospects of Cone Health

Cone Health’s future prospects are driven by its intent to develop and refine healthcare services in the communities it serves. This will likely involve the adoption of innovative technologies designed to improve patient care.

There will also be an emphasis on wellness promotion, with a focus on preventive measures to enhance community health. Cone Health intends to uphold its mission of providing high-quality healthcare, tailored to a diverse patient population.

The organization’s future appears to be anchored in active community engagement and collaboration, geared towards driving change. Therefore, Cone Health’s strategies suggest it isn’t only dedicated to delivering immediate care, but also to planning for a more health-conscious future.


So, you’ve discovered that Cone Health is more than just a healthcare provider. It’s a community partner, innovator, and award-winning group of professionals dedicated to your well-being.

Looking forward, Cone Health promises to continue expanding its services, innovating care, and building healthier communities.

Why not join the Cone Health family and experience quality healthcare that truly cares about you?