What Is Elevance Health

What Is Elevance Health

You’re probably familiar with Anthem, Inc., but did you know it rebranded to Elevance Health in June 2022? This powerhouse in the healthcare sector is now focusing on a whole health strategy, serving millions while redefining our understanding of health. Their recent acquisition of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana has expanded their reach even further. But what does this growth and change mean for you as a patient or healthcare professional? Let’s explore.

Understanding Elevance Health’s Mission

Examining Elevance Health’s mission reveals their dedicated approach to enhancing public health via a comprehensive whole health strategy. Elevance is an organization that aspires to redefine the concept of health and fortify communities. Boasting a substantial network of approximately 100,000 associates, they cater to millions of individuals, positioning themselves as a reliable health partner.

Their goal extends beyond just enhancing the health of individuals, they aim to cater to the varied health requirements of entire communities. Elevance is committed to being a long-term trusted health partner, using a whole health strategy to achieve this. In this strategy, they consider all facets of health and well-being, rather than focusing solely on physical health. They aim to address the root causes of health issues, instead of merely treating symptoms.

History and Evolution of Elevance Health

Examining Elevance Health’s history, it’s clear that the company has undergone significant transformation and expansion. Initially known as Anthem, Inc., the company was rebranded as Elevance Health in June 2022.

In terms of infrastructure growth, Elevance Health carried out a $20 million expansion of its headquarters in 2018. This was indicative of the company’s financial stability and steady development.

With regards to strategy, Elevance Health has announced plans to rebrand Amerigroup as Wellpoint by 2024. This represents a forward-thinking approach to branding and market positioning.

In addition, Elevance Health expanded its member base through the acquisition of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, adding 1.9 million new members. This is a testament to the company’s strategic growth strategy.

These key milestones in Elevance Health’s journey demonstrate a consistent approach to growth and adaptation in the healthcare sector. The company’s decisions reflect a commitment to meet evolving healthcare needs.

Elevance Health’s Controversies and Issues

Elevance Health has experienced considerable growth, but it hasn’t been without issues and legal disputes. Their objective to enhance global health was impeded by claims of unlawful policy rescissions, contentious rate increases, and policy cancellations that seemed to target specific demographics.

The company also faced antitrust concerns linked to acquisitions such as Cigna, and disagreements with Express Scripts. Public disapproval was sparked when the company appeared to cancel policies of breast cancer patients disproportionately. Legal settlements and a decrease in charitable contributions negatively impacted their reputation.

These controversies underline the importance for growth-focused companies to adhere to ethical practices in order to genuinely advance global health.

Financial Overview of Elevance Health

Elevance Health has managed to maintain financial stability despite encountering various controversies. This financial stability indicates the company’s steadfastness and continued progress in the healthcare sector.

Here is a brief financial overview of Elevance Health:

  1. Elevance Health disclosed a profit of $2.2 billion in 2024, even amidst a decrease in Medicaid enrollment.

  2. The company’s financial results in the first quarter of 2024 continued to indicate its financial stability.

  3. The company’s early financial performance in 2024 serves as an indication of Elevance Health’s resilience and ongoing success.

  4. Elevance Health’s financial standing and stability align with its mission to enhance health for all.

Elevance Health: Office Locations and Careers

Elevance Health is a healthcare company with its main office in Indianapolis, Indiana, and additional workplaces throughout various U.S. states. The company offers a wide range of employment opportunities in several sectors including healthcare management, data analytics, and clinical positions. Their career page provides information about current job vacancies, benefits, and the company’s work culture.

Potential roles at Elevance Health extend to fields such as population health, telehealth, patient care services, and technology innovation. The company’s offices accommodate a variety of roles beyond healthcare, including customer service, claims processing, IT, and executive leadership positions.

Elevance Health’s Impact on Hospitals and Healthcare

Elevance Health’s extensive services and workforce contribute significantly to hospitals and the healthcare sector.

  1. Healthcare Transformation: Elevance Health’s approach to integrating various aspects of health is enhancing healthcare services to accommodate the diverse needs of patients.

  2. Large Workforce: Employing near to 100,000 associates, Elevance Health serves a population of over 118 million, with a focus on community health and wellness.

  3. Community Partnerships and Programs: Through its partnerships and programs, Elevance Health is contributing to the strengthening of communities and the improvement of overall health.

  4. Data Insights: Elevance Health equips hospitals and healthcare providers with essential insights and actionable data, which assists in making informed decisions.

Elevance Health’s dedication to improving healthcare is having a noticeable effect on hospitals and the broader healthcare sector.

Key Commitments of Elevance Health

Elevance Health is dedicated to enhancing health and bolstering communities, as evidenced by the work of the Elevance Health Foundation. They concentrate on diminishing health disparities and strengthening communities. Their strategy includes collaboration with programs aimed at supporting socially disadvantaged groups and improving maternal and child health.

Elevance Health actively supports the concept of using food as a therapeutic tool for achieving optimal health and is actively involved in tackling mental health problems, particularly substance use disorders. Their employees take part in initiatives such as Dollars for Dollars and Dollars for Doers, with the foundation matching donations on a 1:1 basis.

In 2023, more than 2,000 employees and guests participated in Volunteer Days, contributing to the mitigation of food insecurity by sorting, packing, and harvesting over 738,000 pounds of food.

Elevance Health’s Community Initiatives

Elevance Health is actively involved in various community initiatives, including the Volunteer Days event in 2023, which saw the participation of more than 2,000 associates and guests. This participation underscores the company’s dedication to catering to social needs and reinforcing community bonds.

Here are four primary elements of Elevance Health’s community initiatives:

  1. Volunteer Days: In 2023, participants were involved in sorting, packing, and harvesting approximately 738,000 pounds of food.

  2. Dollars for Dollars: Elevance Health matches associate donations in a 1:1 ratio, thereby amplifying their reach.

  3. Consistent Volunteering: The Dollars for Doers program enables associates to consistently contribute to the community’s welfare.

  4. Reinforcing Communities: The company’s initiatives indicate a dedication to proactively support and enhance local communities.

Associate Engagement and Participation at Elevance Health

Elevance Health has a notably high employee satisfaction rate, with 86% of associates expressing contentment in their roles. The company fosters a culture of active associate engagement and involvement in community activities.

As a part of the Elevance team, associates find themselves in a work environment where 88% of their peers view management as being transparent and ethical. The company places emphasis on receiving feedback from its associates, a sentiment confirmed by 89% of the workforce who believe their input is significant in shaping community initiatives. Flexible time-off policies are also appreciated by 91% of employees.

Elevance encourages its associates to participate in programs such as ‘Dollars for Doers’, which stimulates continuous volunteerism and philanthropic donations. At Elevance, associates are seen as vital contributors to the ongoing growth of the company and the community.


You’ve seen how Elevance Health, once known as Anthem, Inc., is redefining healthcare. They’re committed to enhancing public health and have expanded their reach through acquisitions.

Despite any controversies, their financial growth shows adaptability. They offer multiple career opportunities across various locations.

Their impact on hospitals and healthcare is substantial, with a focus on community initiatives and associate engagement. Elevance Health is truly shaping the future of healthcare.