What Is Flatiron Health

What Is Flatiron Health

You’ve likely heard of Flatiron Health, a company that’s making waves in the field of oncology. They’re harnessing the power of real-world evidence and advanced technology to improve the design of clinical trials, expedite drug development, and enhance the quality of care for cancer patients. But what does this really mean, and how does it affect the landscape of cancer treatment and research? Let’s take a closer look at this innovative company and the significant strides they’re making in transforming cancer care.

Understanding Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health is a healthtech firm that specializes in cancer treatment through the use of real-world evidence. The company’s primary goal is to create a link between patient care and clinical research within the field of oncology.

Their objectives include improving the design of clinical trials, fast-tracking drug development, and leveraging technology and science for more efficient care. Serving as an international partner to cancer centers, developers, researchers, and regulators, Flatiron Health offers advanced technology and services to enhance patient care.

Since its incorporation into the Roche Group in 2018, Flatiron Health has continued to develop its mission under new leadership in 2021. The company’s vision is to influence every cancer patient’s journey with precision medicine, contributing to changes in the healthtech sector.

The Technological Innovations

Flatiron Health’s contributions to technological advancements have led to five key developments that are transforming the field of oncology. This healthtech company, known for its work in technology and science, uses innovative tools to enhance both patient experience and clinical care.

The OncoEMR® software is one such tool, designed to lessen the time spent on Electronic Health Records (EHRs) while making real-world data more accessible.

Another significant innovation is the Flatiron Assist™, which aids in decision-making by suggesting potential treatment options and trials at the point of care. Tools such as Value-Based Care models are also employed to improve the effectiveness of care by streamlining processes.

In terms of improving patient experience, the OncoAir™ mobile app is a solution that enables care to be administered remotely.

Flatiron’s Impact on Oncology

Flatiron Health has made significant strides in leveraging technology to impact oncology. The organization is at the forefront of utilizing real-world evidence in this field, aiming to improve patient care with the help of technology. This approach has contributed to a notable 44% decrease in unique regimens ordered across cancer centers. Flatiron’s collaboration with cancer centers, developers, researchers, and regulators around the world is facilitating faster research and enhancing the quality of care.

Flatiron’s emphasis on solid evidence has contributed to over 1,500 clinical trials and made use of 4 million de-identified patient records. Their specialized oncology evidence solutions are helping to speed up drug development, enable smarter care, and convert potential into tangible outcomes.

Therefore, Flatiron’s technology and research aren’t only supporting evidence-based treatment but are also contributing to the evolution of oncology.

Real-World Evidence Generation

Flatiron Health has developed a comprehensive approach to generating real-world evidence. Their team, comprised of experts in the field, collaborates to deliver detailed data and insights. The application of technology has been instrumental in their process:

  • The Flatiron Clinical Pipe is a tool used for rapid data transfer, ensuring that the information being worked with is current.

  • Flatiron Assist, another tool, is designed to broaden insights at the point of care. This has contributed to a 44% decrease in unique regimens ordered across cancer centers.

  • Flatiron Health’s database contains over 4 million de-identified patient records and 1.5 billion data points, a substantial resource for research purposes.

  • The company has also offered support to more than 1500 clinical trials with their research products and services, thus facilitating the production of real-world evidence in oncology.

Role Within the Roche Group

Flatiron Health’s proficiency in creating real-world evidence was a key factor in its association with the Roche Group in 2018. As a part of the Roche Group, Flatiron Health has enhanced its focus on oncology care under new leadership.

The objective is to connect technology, science, care, and research within the oncology sector. Through collaborations with cancer centers, developers, researchers, and regulators worldwide, Flatiron Health delivers technology and services vital for patient care.

The company’s work in real-world evidence for oncology within the Roche Group has expedited research and elevated care quality. As a member, Flatiron Health aids in the progression of global cancer care by utilizing technology and real-world evidence solutions.

Future of Oncology Care With Flatiron

Flatiron Health’s commitment to enhancing cancer care through real-world evidence and advanced technology could significantly impact the future of oncology care. As a prominent healthtech enterprise, Flatiron is prepared to modify several sectors:

  • Clinical Trials: Flatiron’s technology can speed up clinical trials, potentially enabling faster access to innovative treatments.

  • Research: They offer solid, real-world evidence for researchers, which could contribute to advancements in oncology.

  • Quality Patient Care: Flatiron’s solutions might help enhance patient care and improve outcomes.

  • Confidentiality: Data protection is a priority for Flatiron, ensuring patient information is secure.

  • Partnerships: Flatiron’s collaborations with international partners could help to narrow the divide between care and research.

Through these efforts, Flatiron isn’t only influencing the future of oncology care but also attempting to make it more efficient, accessible, and patient-centered.


So, you see, Flatiron Health is at the forefront of transforming cancer treatment. They’re harnessing advanced tech and real-world evidence to reshape clinical trials, speed up drug development, and enhance patient care.

As part of the Roche Group, their impact on oncology is significant. With Flatiron, the future of cancer care is looking brighter and more precise than ever before.