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What Is Security Health Plan

What Is Security Health Plan

You’ve probably heard of Security Health Plan, but do you know what it really is? It’s a health maintenance organization—a network of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers working together to provide you with the best care. Sure, that sounds great, but what does it mean for you personally? You get access to a wide range of services, from preventive care to emergency treatment, all under one roof. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Let’s explore further to truly understand the value it can bring to your health management.

Understanding Security Health Plan

The Security Health Plan is a health maintenance organization sponsored by physicians, providing a variety of insurance options. It serves over 180,000 members in Wisconsin and is based in Marshfield, WI. It has been sponsored by Marshfield Clinic and has received national recognition as a high-quality private health care plan for six consecutive years.

The Security Health Plan caters to various health needs by offering a diverse range of insurance products. These include options suitable for employers seeking group coverage as well as individuals requiring a policy. The insurance options range from Medicare supplemental insurance to Medicare Advantage plans. They also provide BadgerCare Plus Managed Care.

Therefore, for those seeking health protection, the Security Health Plan can be a viable choice to consider.

Benefits of Security Health Plan

Security Health Plan offers health insurance plans that are individualized to meet your specific needs, promoting health and wellness. This health insurance from Wisconsin provides more than just standard coverage, with a focus on personalized care in line with your unique health objectives.

Here are four main advantages:

  1. Personalized care: Security Health Plan creates plans centered on your individual health needs and objectives.

  2. Access to health professionals: A broad network of doctors and specialists is available to you.

  3. 24/7 Nurse Line: For any guidance or health-related concerns, the Nurse Line can be reached at any time.

  4. Customer service: A high level of customer service is maintained to assist you on your health journey.

How to Choose Your Plan

Understanding the benefits of Security Health Plan is a crucial step towards selecting a plan that aligns with your specific health needs and preferences.

Consider starting your selection process by examining the available coverage options. The Health Insurance Plan Rankings can be useful in assessing their performance.

Security Health Plan has a comprehensive network of doctors and specialists spread across 41 counties, ensuring accessibility to health care. It’s also relevant to note the plan’s history and established reputation within the Marshfield Clinic system.

Addressing Your Health Concerns

Security Health Plan provides health insurance plans that are designed to address a range of health concerns. These are tailored to suit individual requirements and aim to facilitate overall well-being. Their approach is centered around offering personalized care to help individuals reach their health objectives.

Here is a summary of their approach:

  1. Personalized Health Insurance Plans: These are designed to cater to specific health concerns.

  2. Health Goals Assistance: Security Health Plan provides assistance in defining and achieving health-related goals.

  3. Member Satisfaction: The focus is on ensuring the members are satisfied with the service and care provided.

  4. Wide Network: Members have access to an extensive network of doctors and specialists for comprehensive care.

Security Health Plan is dedicated to providing resources and support for the health journey of its members.

Emergency and Urgent Care Coverage

Security Health Plan provides coverage for emergency and urgent care, which extends beyond their network. This coverage includes situations where emergency care is required at any time, or urgent care is needed during a trip. Beneficiaries of the plan can visit the closest medical facility for assistance.

Additionally, a 24-hour Nurse Line is accessible for support at 1-800-549-3174. It’s important to note that any follow-up care should ideally be sought from an in-network provider, unless otherwise approved by Security Health Plan. This decision can be facilitated by your primary care physician, who can help determine the appropriate care level.

Hence, even when beneficiaries are outside the network, they retain access to necessary medical care. Security Health Plan aims to ensure that its members are covered for unforeseen health emergencies.

Mental and Behavioral Health Support

As a participant in Security Health Plan, you gain access to a wide-ranging network of mental health experts who offer counseling and therapy for conditions such as depression, anxiety, and substance misuse.

Mental Health Support: Assistance is provided for your mental wellness journey. Specialists are on hand to guide you.

Counseling: Certified professionals offer confidential counseling, facilitating your understanding of thoughts and feelings.

Therapy: Therapy sessions are customized to your requirements, assisting you in establishing coping strategies and methods for mental health improvement.

Substance Abuse: Should you be dealing with substance abuse, extensive support is available. Access to the help required to restore balance in your life is provided.

The Role of 24-Hour Nurseline

Security Health Plan offers a 24-hour Nurse Line, available at 1-800-549-3174, to provide immediate medical advice and guidance. This service is designed to provide round-the-clock access to professional health advice.

Patients can reach out to the Nurse Line whenever they’ve health-related questions or concerns. The purpose of this service is to offer support in making decisions about the appropriate level of care for presenting symptoms.

It caters to those who may need medical advice outside of traditional office hours, thereby providing a sense of reassurance. Security Health Plan’s 24-hour Nurse Line aims to assist in health management by providing prompt and accurate medical advice.


Choosing Security Health Plan means gaining a trusted partner in your health journey. You’ll get personalized care, a broad network of professionals, and tailored wellness programs.

Their emergency and urgent care coverage ensures you’re protected during unexpected health crises. Plus, they offer vital mental and behavioral health support.

With a 24-hour Nurseline at your disposal, you’re never alone in your health concerns.

So, make the smart decision and choose Security Health Plan for your health insurance needs.