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What Is Summit Health

What Is Summit Health

You’ve probably heard about Summit Health, one of Central Oregon’s leading healthcare providers, but what do you know about their services and approach to patient care? They’re known for their wide range of services, from primary care to imaging, but it’s their commitment to individualized treatment and preventive medicine that sets them apart. And there’s a lot more to explore about their role in shaping the healthcare landscape. Stick around, you might find yourself intrigued by their approach to healthcare provision.

The Evolution of Summit Health

Summit Health, established in 1919 by Drs. William H. Lawrence and Maynard G. Bensley, has seen significant growth and change, now operating over 200 satellite offices. This extended network covers both New Jersey and New York, aiming to provide accessible and interconnected healthcare services for all patients. Summit Health’s expansion underlines its focus on high-quality primary care.

In 2019, a merger with CityMD widened their service area. Furthermore, in 2023, VillageMD acquired Summit Health in a deal worth close to $9 billion, marking another important development in the company’s history. Summit Health consistently strives to improve and extend its services, reflecting its commitment to patient health.

With Summit Health, patients are part of a dedicated medical network.

Services and Specialties Offered

Summit Health, the largest multispecialty group in Central Oregon, offers a wide range of services and specialties within its network. These include primary care, specialty care, urgent care, along with imaging and lab services.

The specialty care at Summit Health emphasizes individualized treatment plans and the professional management of chronic conditions. Urgent care services are available seven days a week, all year round, with no appointment required.

Summit Health aims to prioritize patient health within its community.

Our Patient-Centered Approach

At Summit Health, we prioritize a patient-centered approach to healthcare. Our healthcare professionals are readily available and utilize contemporary medical software to deliver reliable care. We advocate for healthful lifestyles, with a strong emphasis on preventive medicine and patient education. This allows you to stay knowledgeable about your health.

Our attention on evidence-based medicine and disease prevention is designed to manage healthcare expenses and promote overall wellness. Summit Health has been acknowledged by the NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home Program, underscoring our commitment to the continuous improvement of quality care.

At Summit Health, we view our patients as active participants in their health management.

Understanding the Care Coordination Model

Summit Health’s care coordination model is a patient-centered system designed to improve health outcomes. This model is particularly beneficial for individuals dealing with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart failure, as it aids in effective management of these conditions. Under the guidance of physicians, the model applies evidence-based strategies to enhance disease control and promote overall well-being.

Beyond medical interventions, Summit Health also identifies cost-effective programs and assists patients in setting self-management goals. Comprehensive support is provided for healthcare needs, including logistical assistance such as transportation or caregiver support.

The focus extends beyond the treatment of the disease, encompassing all aspects of the patient’s healthcare journey. The overarching goal of Summit Health’s care coordination model is to facilitate optimal care for each patient.

Summit Health’s Impact in Oregon

As a prominent multispecialty group in Central Oregon, Summit Health has a substantial presence with nine locations and over 150 employed providers. Previously known as Summit Medical Group, this organization provides a wide range of patient-focused care services.

The role of a primary care provider at Summit is to concentrate on preventative, routine, and acute care, which is a crucial element of their multispecialty medical practice. Summit Health’s presence significantly supports the health systems in Central Oregon.

They also offer advanced imaging and laboratory services, which contribute to precise diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, Summit Health plays a significant role in the medical sector in Central Oregon.


So, you now understand what Summit Health is all about. They’re leading the charge in Central Oregon, providing top-tier healthcare services.

Their focus on personalized plans, chronic condition management, and preventive medicine has truly set them apart. Not to mention their commitment to seamless care coordination.

Simply put, Summit Health is at the forefront of keeping their community healthy and well-looked-after. They’re making a real difference in Oregon.